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Episode Summary: Kagezaki confronts Adelicia over the suspicion that Goetia has broken a taboo, but Itsuki's intercession mollifies Kagezaki's suspicions. Itsuki forms an alliance with Adelicia to destroy her father. Outside, Honami apologizes to Itsuki for underestimating the magical pollution. Itsuki then asks her why she joined Astral, and she whispers to herself that it was because of Itsuki. The Magi Night is predicted to occur an amusement park. Beforehand, Adelicia tells Itsuki that she does not want to destroy her father, but rather protect his honour and dignity. Oswald arrives, defeating the assembled Astral members; however, Itsuki reveals his Glamsight and overwhelms Oswald, destroying him. Itsuki is then admitted to a hospital with a broken leg, and Adelicia lies down beside him. Outside, Honami and Nekoyashiki talk about the Glamsight's strengths and its dangers. Honami swears to protect Itsuki.

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