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"You are Not Alone"
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Episode Summary: Itsuki is in the hospital with a broken leg, and he converses with Manami Kuroha, a ghost inhabiting the hospital. Kuroha is overjoyed that someone can talk with her and asks Itsuki about Astral and its activities. Meanwhile, Honami and Nekoyashiki investigate a source of magical pollution near the hospital. Nekoyashiki comes to Itsuki and explains magical contamination, dispelling a set of bloody hand prints in the process. Honami arrives and agrees with Nekoyashiki that the contamination is the result of a mage's spell. Elsewhere, Kuroha is consumed by a mass of flesh, which then attacks Itsuki, Honami and Nekoyashiki. They determine that the core of the pollution is a soul-eater, a mage who attempted to transfer his soul to obtain immortality. As Honami and Nekoyashiki prepare to destroy it and Kuroha in the process, Itsuki releases his Glamsight, and they manage to rescue Kuroha. A few days later, with the members of Astral present, Itsuki invites an ecstatic Kuroha into Astral.

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