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"Hot Spring Magic"
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Episode Summary: The Astral members go to a hot spring in order to cure Itsuki's Glamsight eye, but Honami notes that the magic is too weak, and the spring must sit on a ley line to be fit for the purpose. As they travel up the mountainside, Kuroha suggests a competition to find a spring that sits atop the ley line. Honami and Adelicia refuse, but after both mentally note that they want Itsuki's exclusive affection as the prize, they eagerly begin. The group eventually falls into a hole, where they find a rock that is disrupting the magical flow of the ley line. Combining their abilities, they levitate the rock, enabling the hot spring to regain its power. As the members return to the hot spring, Honami and Adelicia's fight causes the fence between the men's and women's baths to break, embarrassing everyone.

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