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"Here Comes an Elementary School Student! Yay! Yay! Yay!"
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Episode Summary: Subaru Hasegawa is a high school student and member of his school basketball team, but activities were suspended for a year after the team captain was suspected of being a pedophile. Subaru's aunt Mihoshi Takamura is the advisor of the girl's basketball team in the elementary section at Keishin Academy, which comprises five girls: Tomoka Minato, Maho Misawa, Airi Kashii, Hinata Hakamada and Saki Nagatsuka. Mihoshi asks Subaru to be their team coach, and after some slight coercion, Subaru agrees to coach the team for three days. The girls initially greet Subaru wearing maid uniforms and they call him 'master' in an effort to make a good first impression. The girls change into regular gym attire and when they are about to start practicing, Subaru makes a comment about Airi's stature, causing her to become upset and they decide to practice the next day. During cleanup, Subaru notices Tomoka's talent and takes an interest in her ability. After practice the next day, Maho gets annoyed that they cannot improve as fast as she hoped and runs out. Subaru finds a note in his locker telling him to quit coaching the girl's basketball team and the next day, he is approached by a group of elementary school boys before practice.

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