Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS Episode 4 English Subbed

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"The Stupid Man"

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Episode Summary: Using their friend Uehara's contacts, Subaru and Aoi meet a candidate for their team—Airi's older brother, Banri. However the meeting does not go well after Banri finds out that Subaru is Airi's rumored "perverted" coach and punches him without thinking. On next day, as the team prepares to practice on one basketball court, they are confronted by two middle school girls, who are coached by Subaru's old rival, Ryūichi Suga (to whom Subaru lost in a match in middle school, seen in the beginning), and challenges Subaru's team (with him, Tomoka and Airi) to a match, which the later lost, much to Subaru's anger. In the next few days, everyone agreed to give their best before the upcoming rematch with Ryuuichi and Subaru manages to convince Banri to help out. One evening Tomoka comes to stay at Subaru's house for a sleepover to practice, much to his shock.

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