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"Aoi Wins?"
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Episode Summary: After Aoi wins in the street lottery a free trip to Kyoto with Subaru, who was going to join the sixth graders' fieldtrip to Kyoto, this increases her nervousness of being with him, even when she's been having misunderstandings and wild imaginations of Subaru being surrounded by kids. It even doesn't go well for Subaru who had a bad day with underwear the whole day: 1) he and Natsuhi had to return Maho's panties while girls were in the bath, and having a pillow fight on the second occasion, which was successful; 2) when he accidentally catches Aoi in erotic underwear, given to her by her friends before the trip, which ruins her mood and makes her "feel to die". On their way home, Subaru manages to brighten Aoi's spirit up by giving a hairpin for being the fifth graders' coach.

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    kill the translator

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    Aug 10th, 2013

    Lol the translation is so stupid and funny. I like this intro

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    I guess the translator wanted a trolled video..

    AND it’s in HighQuality. Gadamnnnn

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    wat do ya mean???

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    sounds bad gonna watch it now

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    What the fuck is this sub…………. you ruin the resolution for that crappy sub… dammit…

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    lol at the sub. Can someone fix it?

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    Im about to comit murder on Mr Funny Traslator

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