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"Fierce Battle! Baron Ashura Strikes Back Shock! Photonic City's Final Hour! Robot Girls Z! Death at Dawn!!"
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Episode Summary: As Ashura finds herself unemployed after being laid off by Dr. Hell, Doublas and Garada are given a giant robot by a mysterious stranger to allow Ashura to have a final battle against Team Z. Although the mech completely overwhelms the girls, it turns out to be running on a trial version, which soon leads to its defeat. Later, a new enemy known as The Great General of Darkness-ko appears and steals the city's photonic energy, bringing it to its destructions and completely overwhelming Team Z. They are aided by the arrival of Team G, Steel Jeeg and Getter Robo, along with all their other allies, but are still overpowered by Darkness-ko. However, thanks to Ashura exposing her weakpoint, Z-chan manages to pull apart Darkness-ko's suit and expose the true mastermind, Mycenae-tan, who is swiftly dealt with.

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  1. basoka

    Mar 6th, 2014

    funny ryoma,hayato and musashi or benkei i think and adorable getter robo :P

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