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"A Robot Only We Can Build"
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Episode Summary: As Kaito determines the Kill-Ballad cheater, a strange electrically-charged stone called a monopole falls from the sky and lands before him. As Akiho theorizes she could use more of them to power the GunBuild-1, Subaru suggests she give up and work on a new robot with JAXA. The next day, as the gang meet with Nae to try and convince JAXA to work on the GunBuild-1, Subaru's brings up a report on the failures of the first run, suggesting how they could build a new improved robot, also taking aboard a suggestion by Junna to use augmented reality to give it the appearance of Gunvarrel when viewed through a Poke-Com, thus eliminating the need for extra weight. After realizing that building a new robot doesn't change her original dream, Akiho gets on board to prepare the new robot, GunBuild-2, for the expo. Meanwhile, Mizuka is seen talking to Airi, telling her to disappear.

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