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Episode Summary: A road accident is revealed to be responsible for crippling Mizuka and she receives exoskeletal legs from Misaki enabling her to walk again. The Robotics Club successfully complete the basic construction of GunBuild-2. By using the monopole motors and a laser-activated fuelling system, they put it through its first activation test. Shortly afterwards, though, Nae informs the club that they will be unable to use the JAXA hanger any longer since plans are scheduled to launch the first rocket from the Tanegashima Space Center in years. While Kaito goes off to search for the final report, the others run more tests on GunBuild-2, where Junna notices something odd about its walk cycle. As Subaru runs alongside to deduce the problem, a sudden gust of wind sends the robot toppling towards him. Elsewhere, Exoskeleton's president has a word with Misaki about supposedly protecting Kaito, since he may be learning too much about the conspiracy, although she claims that she will "dispose" of him if necessary. Meanwhile, at Cape Kadokura, Kaito locates the seventh report but is confronted by Mizuka before he can download it, warning him not to tread further into matters related to Kō Kimijima. Just then, Kagome Kagome plays on their Poke-Coms. Upon Mizuka answering the call, a wave of static is emitted causing her exoskeletal legs to malfunction and begin walking towards the edge of the cliff. Mizuka asks Kaito for help and he rushes to her, desperately trying to hold her back, managing to knock her to the ground but the legs get up again, physically damaging Mizuka's body. Realizing the inevitable, Mizuka knocks Kaito away and tearfully tells him to thank Misaki for the legs before she plummets to her death on the rock face below, leaving Kaito horrified.

9 Responses to “ROBOTICS;NOTES Episode 16”

  1. Kirby2120

    Feb 8th, 2013

    SO now the anime starts to get a little dark, Damn

  2. manny

    Feb 8th, 2013

    i like this author all his stories end up dark

  3. lolishota

    Feb 8th, 2013

    kinda pissed that PH is IP banned T_T

  4. AzaelAkai

    Feb 8th, 2013

    Man, this is getting dark and sad :S was a great episode

  5. KVN

    Feb 9th, 2013

    This author’s stories always are like this i watched steins:gate and chaos:head they alway have this dark, sad part it may go all the way to the last episode or 2 they alway do

  6. whatajoke

    Feb 9th, 2013

    more peoples are gunna die now..

  7. SeoEPC

    Mar 24th, 2013

    Tiring… xP

  8. John Marston

    Mar 23rd, 2014

    Is it me or he could have just tried turning her around? Since the legs weren’t showing any backward motion.

  9. greenboxer


    Aug 3rd, 2014

    is it me or he could have just tilt her to face to the other side when they laying on the ground that way it will prevent the legs to make unnecessary motion to stand again and buy them some time to release the exoskeleton. he could repeat it several times when the legs try to wake up again.

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