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"As of Today, The Robotics Club is Disbanded!"

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Episode Summary: After Kaito, Akiho and Mitsuhiko pay their respects to Mizuka, the vice-president announces that, following Subaru's accident, the Robotics Club will be disbanded and their cooperation with JAXA halted, ordering all the robots they've made to be dismantled. As Kaito, against his better judgement, goes to download the seventh report, he is confronted by Toshiyuki Sawada of Exoskeleton Inc., who questions him about Kimijima, though Kaito refuses to answer him. Afterwards, Kaito receives a call from Misaki, warning him not to show the reports to anyone. After having a nightmare about Misaki, Akiho tells Kaito that she intends to finish the robot and take it to the expo herself. Despite finding the notion ridiculous, Kaito agrees to hear her out if she beats him in Kill-Ballad which, to her surprise, manages to do. As such, Kaito agrees to help, with Tetsuharu and Mitsuhiko also providing their support. With his resolve returned, Kaito returns to Kadokura and finally downloads the last report, Kimijima Report No. 7 which, to his shock doesn't contain text but turns out to be a program that begins sending the other 6 reports to Poke-Coms across the planet.

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    Damn the 6 reports are all over the world so some people might now them

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    nani?! deang, this is almost as good as shin-sekai yori

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