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"The True Gunvarrel is In There!"

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Episode Summary: Kaito and Akiho travel to the Tokyo Expo with their robot, where they discover they have to share a hotel room. As Kaito has nightmares that night, Akiho asks him to be a bit more open with his troubles. While preparing for the expo, Akiho becomes excited when she learns Misaki will be at the expo promoting the Exoskeleton robots. Kaito decides to meet up with her in person in order to confront her about Mizuka's death, also talking about Kimijima, her meeting with the real Airi, who woke up in hospital the other day, and above all, her attitude towards Akiho. The Tokyo Expo soon begins with Akiho having a tough time impressing the crowd with the recent bias against Gunvarrel. At the same time, Sawada shows up with two agents searching the crowd as Exoskeleton Inc. begins showing off a new robot called Sumeragi which appears to be piloted by Misaki, but uses an external control system to the crowd. Later, despite Kaito's warnings, Akiho goes to see Misaki, who is seen in a fully robotic suit. As Akiho tries to spur a reunion, Sawada appears and points a gun at Misaki, shocking Akiho and Kaito. Unperturbed, Misaki questions Akiho about the upcoming Tanegashima rocket launch before she flees as Sawada fires a shot in her direction.

4 Responses to “ROBOTICS;NOTES Episode 18”

  1. Sugoisan

    Feb 24th, 2013

    this is anime after all, they have to fit fan service in there somewhere~ ih and, WHAT THE CRAP?!

  2. BitNdragon

    Feb 24th, 2013

    What the hell is this anime about? I’m getting really confused since it really just seems to switch between being an intense drama to about absolutely nothing all the time. It seems to be developing now but I really don’t understand what’s going on. I really hope this makes more sense by the end and isn’t one of those shows that just leave you going “WTF!!!!” like when i finished Gilgamesh lol

  3. SeoEPC

    Mar 24th, 2013

    Logging in.

  4. The pessimist

    May 12th, 2017

    she told him not to share the secret files the anime is a bit around the end of the world I guess? @BitNdragon

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