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"Gunvarrel Takeoff!"

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Episode Summary: While everyone else works on fixing up the GunBuild-1, Kaito, Nae and Airi head to Kimijima's lab to retrieve data for the device Sawada gave him, although Kaito undergoes a seizure when he attempts to activate it. Just then, they are confronted by some armed droids run by Kimijima and Sister Centipede. However, Sister Centipede manages to have the droids shoot each other, only to be erased by Kimijima shortly afterwards. Meanwhile, as Akiho and the others complete the GunBuild-1, which she renames the Super GunBuild-1, she reunites with Ken'ichirō before learning of Kaito's condition. Despite his injuries, Kaito insists that he be Super GunBuild-1's operator, believing that the device Sawada gave him can trigger his Slow-Mo at will, giving him a chance against the Sumeragi. Akiho objects, however, believing using the device could kill him. Kaito assures her that he will help her meet Misa face-to-face again, giving her the Slow-Mo trigger. On the day of the mission, Kaito confesses his love to Akiho and kisses her before setting off in the Super GunBuild-1.

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