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Episode Summary: As Akiho tries to think of a way to help Subaru, Kaito realizes from Junna that the sounds coming from the EGI Device was in fact the tune of "Kagome Kagome", the lyrics of which had been sent to millions of people during moments where Poke-Coms simultaneously froze. Afterwards, he goes to help Kona search for the Kill Ballad cheaters, receiving a device to detect cheating for if he encounters them online, before briefly running into Subaru, who wants to dispose of his robot himself. As Akiho delivers a broken part to Subaru, Kona reveals to Kaito that the Gunvarrel anime's last episode never aired because the staff had mysteriously died right beforehand, with the anime director, her mother Minami Furugōri, suspected of murder. Subaru deconstructs his robot but agrees to keep helping the Robotics Club. Thanks to their sponsorship and some assistance from Tetsuharu, the club receives the parts for the GunBuild-1. As Kaito hears reports of solar flares eerily matching Kimijima's reports, Kagome Kagome starts playing from everyone's PokeComs, and the club is suddenly approached by a member of JAXA, Nae Tennōji.

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  1. KVN

    Nov 23rd, 2012

    Noooo!!! Y a cliffhanger.
    Anyone else think there after yashio

  2. Neo

    Nov 24th, 2012

    ….. wow seriously wanna know whats gonna happen next now

  3. Sugoisan

    Nov 26th, 2012

    wow… I’m starting to hate cliffhangers now…

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