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"I'm Nae Tennōji. Nice to meet you!"

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Episode Summary: Kaito and the others are taken to JAXA, where Nae explains that JAXA wants to support the production of their giant robot. However, Akiho rejects their offer when they suggest they build a new one from scratch instead of completing GunBuild-1. Later, Kaito works with Airi to find the location of a second report by Kimijima. As Kaito works to meet the conditions to gain access to the report, he ends up having to protect an antennae in the middle of a typhoon. As Kaito almost falls off the antennae tower, his "Elephant-Mouse syndrome" kicks in, allowing him to pull himself up to safety, managing to protect the antennae. Kaito soon falls unconscious but he is rescued by Akiho, who was alerted to his position by Airi. After Kaito recovers and explains Airi to Akiho, Kaito manages to access "Kimijima's Report No. 2", which details that a mysterious group known as "the Committee of 300" had began a plan known as the "Human Cultivation Project" which aims to reduce the world's population to one billion and control them under a single world government via propaganda. Finally the report cites that Kagome Kagome is the Committee of 300's calling card, played when they are conducting experiments.

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