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"Reunion and a Vampire"

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Episode Summary: It is Tsukune's second year at Yokai Academy as he once again gets hit by another bicyclist during his walk. As Tsukune recovers, he sees that the bicyclist is not Moka even if she likes the scent of his human blood. Tsukune later arrives to find that Moka has gained popularity from the new students. Moka's astonishment at finding a large amount of adoration fan mail in her shoe cabinet from the new students quickly turns to anxiety as she and Tsukune discover a highly-customized letter whose author has mortal designs for Moka. It becomes apparent that the highly-customized bat letter and its many brethren are the handiwork of the mysterious girl that Tsukune met that morning after she instigates a fight at the orientation the next day for Inner Moka to break up. As the orientation goes on as scheduled, the mysterious girl appears again, pointing to Moka as her big sister.

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