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"Mother and Child and a Vampire"

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Episode Summary: It is Parents' Day at Yokai Academy, but it soon becomes another day for both Mizore's mother Tsurara and Kurumu's mother Ageha to prosecute their long-standing rivalry that has proven to be a stalemate on all counts. Under the mirage of Tsukune as their daughters' boyfriend, both Tsurara and Ageha endeavor to coerce matrimonial copulation of Tsukune through their daughters only for neither to truly win. In an attempt to breach the stalemate, Tsurara and Ageha engage in a fierce duel that wrecks the lunchroom. An austere reprehension from Inner Moka later, both Tsurara and Ageha realize the error of their ways when their joint infatuation has moved on with his life and exhort their daughters to learn from their mistakes...but then again, considering the nature of their mothers' parting-gift counsel regarding Tsukune, Kurumu and Mizore might end up learning this lesson the hard way.

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