Rosario + Vampire Capu2 Episode 9 English Subbed

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"Skiing and a Vampire"

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Episode Summary: Tsukune and the others visit a ski resort in the human world, which turns out to be run by Mizore's mother Tsurara. While the others are skiing, Mizore kidnaps Tsukune by orders from her mother to make offspring with him. Unfortunately, Mizore brought an ice replica of Tsukune and left the real one in the middle of nowhere. Kokoa shows up after learning she can get her sister back by removing the rosario around Moka's neck, but is unable to do when she arrives. While yelling at Tsukune, she causes an avalanche, separating Tsukune and herself from Moka. Meanwhile, the others are relaxing in the hot springs when Tsurara shows up and prevents them from finding Tsukune until Moka and Mizore show up, telling them Tsukune is in danger. Tsukune manages to take cover in a cave with Kokoa, but they are closed in due to a snowstorm and Kokoa begins to suffer from hypothermia. A yeti appears and attacks them, but Mizore distracts it long enough for Tsukune and Kokoa to escape. Shortly afterwards, Moka arrives and Tsukune removes her rosario, with Inner Moka defeating the monster which eventually turns out to be Mizore's father in a costume. Apologizing afterwards, Tsukune and the others return to school.

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