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"New Life and a Vampire"
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Episode Summary: Average student Tsukune Aono does not get accepted into any local high schools but his parents are more than happy to have him enroll in the boarding school Yokai Academy. He encounters and befriends Moka Akashiya, a vampire that is enchanted by the scent of his human blood. However, he discovers that Yokai is a school for monsters. According to the school rules, the students must retain their human forms, but any real humans are to be executed. Tsukune tries to run away from the school but has a confrontation with Moka. A fight with a delinquent student named Saizo Komiya quickly complicates and endangers Tsukune's life right before he accidentally removes the rosary on Moka's neck, which transforms Moka into a powerful vampire with silver hair that easily defeats Saizo. Afterwards, he wakes to find the pink-haired Moka caring for him and wanting another drink from his neck.

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