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"Tsukune and Vampire"
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Episode Summary: Rubi, first disguised in the form of a crow, gathers the other four girls together to fight against the Security Committee and rescue Tsukune from being executed. After Tsukune is reunited with Moka, it is then that Kuyo severely injures Tsukune with his flames. As his body goes limp, he removes the rosary from Moka's neck. Although Moka's inner self prepares to inject her blood into Tsukune, Kuyo returns in the form of a fox demon and quickly dispatches all attempts to be defeated by the rest of the group. To make matters worse, as she charges to attack, Moka's inner self realizes that giving up her blood has weakened her greatly. Somehow Tsukune is miraculously revived and saves Moka's inner self from being burned. With Ginei's help, Moka's inner self pummels Kuyo down into the building. Moka, after spending time recovering in the infirmary, awakes when she is visited by Tsukune. She tries to kiss him, but the other girls arrive and try to get him to kiss them, much to his horror.

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  1. Momo

    Sep 12th, 2012

    Lucky fuuck! Tsukune having all of them wanna kiss him :(

    Lol happy it all worked out x)

  2. Sesamee

    Jan 7th, 2014

    Best series ever. Moka is so kick batoodie!

  3. Ghooball

    Apr 10th, 2014

    Is he vampire now?

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