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"Newspaper Club and Vampire"
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Episode Summary: During the first meeting of the Newspaper Club, Tsukune and company are introduced to Ginei Morioka, whose superficial charm is to crowd out Tsukune, framing him as the mysterious peeping tom who has been looking at the girls around school. As Kurumu and Yukari work to illuminate the real culprit and clear Tsukune's name, Moka ponders who Tsukune truly is in her heart. Ginei later tries making a move on Moka, but Kurumu and Yukari point out several flaws in Ginei's story, proving he is the culprit. Ginei shows his true colors and form as a werewolf, but as Tsukune comes to protect Moka from harm, he removes the rosary on Moka's neck. Ginei finds that he cannot even outrun or outwit the consequences he faces against Moka's inner self. The next day, they put out fliers exposing Ginei's actions and clearing Tsukune's name. Moka kicks Tsukune after he nearly looks up her skirt again and ends up sucking his blood.

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