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"Snow Woman and Vampire"
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Episode Summary: As Tsukune and the others from the Newspaper Club hand out the paper to the students, a snow girl named Mizore Shirayuki appears and takes an immediate liking to Tsukune. Seeing him as a lonely kindred spirit that needs companionship, Mizore tries to isolate Tsukune for herself, but Moka and Kurumu prevents that from happening. Mizore later finds herself in danger of expulsion because Okuto Kotsubo, the physician education teacher, accuses her of attacking him without cause. Ginei ends up clearing Mizore's name by showing photos he took of Kotsubo in his kraken form trying to take advantage of Mizore. As Mizore expresses her loneliness, Tsukune grabs Mizore from falling off the cliff into the ocean, trying to set things straight with her. As Moka reaches for Tsukune, he removes the rosary on Moka's neck. Moka's inner self tells Mizore to try living her life before thinking of dying.

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