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"Tale 10"
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Episode Summary: Determined to make amends for being deceived by Kirakishou, Jun asks Shinku to make a contract with him. However, the other three dolls intervene and they start fighting among themselves until Jun accidentally kisses the ring Suiseiseki was carrying, and she reveals that said ring does not belong to her, but to her twin sister instead, and Kirakishou's spirit is expelled from Souseiseki's body. Suiseiseki then demands Suigintou to return the Rosa Mystica she stole from Souseiseki to its original owner but she refuses, and Suiseiseki decides to revive her sister using her own instead. Jun awakens beside Kanaria and the young Jun in the N-Field and after having a brief conversation they manage to break free. The adult Jun bids farewell to his child self and departs with Kanaria to return to his own world but decides to turn back and help the others when Kanaria informs him that if he leaves at the current state of matters, time will rewind in his world and all the time he spent with Shinku and the others will be erased. Jun and Kanaria reunite Shinku and Suigintou and much to their surprise, they also find Souseiseki carrying Suiseiseki's lifeless body, revealing that as both twins have their Rosa Mystica intertwined, they can be used to give life to either of them. Recognizing Jun as the one who assembled her, Souseiseki acknowledges him as her master.

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