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"Tale 11"
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Episode Summary: Kanaria departs to look for the young Jun who discovers the location of Shinku's real body. Upon learning that the only way for everybody to return to their original worlds is by having the large clock before them start moving again, Souseiseki reveals that she can do so, but needs her twin sister's help for it. Suigintou refuses to return the Rosa Mystica she stole from Souseiseki until she points out that the restlesness in her heart is due to the fact that Suigintou did not win it in a fair fight, agreeing to give it back and recognizing her as the true victor once their task is finished. After regaining her own Rosa Mystica, Souseiseki returns the one she received from Suiseiseki and the twins are finally reunited. By Jun's command, the sisters manage to make time move again, but Kirakishou appears to interfere, until Jun rejects her pleas to become her master and she disappears. With their task done, Souseiseki is about to keep her end of the deal by surrendering her Rosa Mystica to Suigintou when Shinku's temporary body reaches its limit and suddenly breaks apart. Meanwhile, Kanaria reunites with the other Jun and they discover that Hinaichigo's artificial spirit and Rosa Mystica were protecting Shinku's body during the entire series of events.

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