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"Tale 12"
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Episode Summary: Jun watches in grief as Shinku's body crumbles before him except for the head until his young self arrives with Kanaria, bringing Shinku's true body with them. As the two Juns revive Shinku, Suigintou learns that Hinaichigo had surrendered her Rosa Mystica to Shinku out of her own volition and was protecting her body all this time, wondering if gathering all Rosa Mysticas by force is the real method to win the Alice game after all. Souseiseki is ready to return her Rosa Mystica to Suigintou as she promised but her older sister leaves without reclaiming it, affirming that she will do so in a later occasion. The adult Jun then entrusts Souseiseki's ring to his middle school counterpart, bidding farewell to Shinku and the others before they part ways, returning to their own respective worlds.

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