Rozen Maiden (2013) Episode 3 English Subbed

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"Tale 3"

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Episode Summary: According to the cancellation notice, Jun must search the N-Field for the remaining parts to complete Shinku and he is later instructed by his other self to also design some clothes for her. As he works on Shinku's clothes, Jun remembers his childhood and the events that led him to his seclusion at home. Once Shinku's clothes are completed, Jun falls asleep and finds himself inside the N-Field covered with doll parts, and is informed by the young Jun that Shinku's real parts are hidden among them by Kirakishou who had learned about their plans and is trying to stop them. After Jun retrieves the right parts and assembles Shinku's body, he manages to awaken her.

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    why did anime have so many coward male char,,,haha jst kidd

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