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"Tale 4"
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Episode Summary: Back from the N-Field Jun finds the completed Shinku inside her case and uses her key to wind her and fully awaken her in the real world. Shinku then explains to him that Kirakishou had captured her and almost all her sisters and with her body trapped inside the N-Field she needed his help to transfer her Rosa Mystica into a temporary body and escape. She also reveals that by choosing to "not wind" upon receiving Laplace's invitation, Jun had erased the existence of all Rozen Maidens in his world. The next morning Jun leaves for work while leaving Shinku at home. The day after that, Jun takes Shinku shopping for a new teapot with Shinku hidden inside his backpack and runs into his co-worker Saito at the shops, who is looking for some fabric to create a costume for herself to wear at a play and Jun provides her with some advice. After they return home, Shinku wonders about what she must do to stop Kirakishou as her temporary body can only last for more seven days.

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