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"Tale 9"
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Episode Summary: The young Jun and Kanaria are still trapped in the N-field, until it starts distorting itself as a sign of Kirakishou's advent. The play begins, but time stops midway and Kirakishou appears before Shinku, Shigintou and the adult Jun. Surprised that Kirakishou managed to materialize herself in the alternate world, Shinku learns from Suigintou that it was possible because one of their sisters' body was disassembled and sent there to act as a second body for her. Realizing that they have no option but to fight, Shinku and Suigintou join forces against their younger sister, until Suiseiseki arrives and much to their surprise, stands in their way, protecting Kirakishou's body. That is when Shinku realizes that Kirakishou is manifesting herself using Souseiseki's body.

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