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"Season 1, Episode 13"
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Episode Summary: The episode opens up to a gloomy Pyrrha looking out her dorm window. Nora is discussing with her teammates Ren and Pyrrha about why their leader, Jaune, is always getting back so late. She expresses her concern that he needs to get sleep before their field trip to Forever Fall. Pyrrha bitterly says that she's sure their leader "knows exactly what he's doing." Outside the room, Ruby meets up with Jaune, who is still questioning his role as leader. Ruby says that he may have been a failure before, he may have been a failure when he arrived at the Academy, but he can't afford to be a failure now because he has a team, and their lives are in his hands. As Ruby goes back to bed, Jaune is left with even more doubts. Then, his scroll plays an alert tone, signalling that he had received a voice message from Cardin with added orders on top of the Dust Project that Jaune's supposed to work on for him: he has to go out and get some Rapier Wasps. The next day Glynda leads a group consisting of teams RWBY, JNPR, and CRDL through Forever Fall on Professor Peach's behalf. Though the scenery is lovely, Glynda instructs them that they are each there to collect a jar of red sap from the trees deep within the forest. Cardin makes Jaune gather 6 jars of sap, one for himself, one for each member of CRDL, and one for a revenge scheme he has planned. Cardin has his sights set on Pyrrha in retaliation for humiliating him in Dr. Oobleck's class in Episode 12. He intends to have the extra jar thrown at Pyrrha so it will break and cover her in sap. They will then release the wasps, who will be attracted by the sweet sap and go after Pyrrha. Furthermore, he tells Jaune to carry out the entire revenge scheme on their behalf or else Cardin will tell Glynda that Jaune lied his way into Beacon. Jaune categorically refuses to harm Pyrrha and instead hits Cardin with the sap, leading CRDL to grab hold of him.

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