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"First Step"
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Episode Summary: Lie Ren wakes up to his long-time friend, Nora Valkyrie talking about how excited she is for the initiation. He then endures the rest of his morning ritual listening to her while brushing his teeth, eating his pancake breakfast, packing up his sleeping bag and retrieving StormFlower from his locker. In the locker room, Nora expresses hope that the two of them will be on the same team and attempts to formulate a plan to make sure that they will. Meanwhile, Ruby wonders about the pair's conversation, while Yang changes the subject by stressing how important it is to socialize with other people to grow up. While this reminds Ruby of her father's constant lectures, Ruby states that socializing is not as important as fighting, and that she is independent and doesn't need help growing up because she drinks milk. However, when Yang asks about the rumor of forming teams, Ruby nervously hopes to be with Yang. Unfortunately for Ruby, Yang wishes Ruby would choose another partner, in the hopes of her opening up to other people. Jaune walks past the sisters, trying to find his designated locker, while Weiss talks to Pyrrha in the hopes of forging a partnership with her. Weiss believes that with her intelligence and Pyrrha's unrivaled strength, they will be at the top of the class and the envy of the other students. Pyrrha, however, wishes for the surprise of a random partner. Soon, Jaune walks in on their conversation, hoping to form a team with Weiss. When Pyrrha states the possibility of a four member team, Jaune suddenly shifts his attention to her and introduces himself. As he states his intention to form a partnership, Weiss barges in on the conversation stating that such a partnership is impossible as Pyrrha's celebrity status completely dwarfs him. While Jaune is dismayed, Pyrrha says that she thinks he would be a great leader. As Jaune's hopes increase, Weiss feels uncomfortable and asks for Pyrrha's help, and suddenly Pyrrha's weapon pins him to a wall. Soon after, Glynda announces over an intercom that all the first-year students are to report to the Beacon Cliffs for their initiation. As Ruby and Yang help him up, Jaune is dismayed that his confident act didn't work. Later, on the cliffs, Glynda informs the students that they will be given teammates today, and Ozpin announces that these partnerships will last for the four year duration of their studies at Beacon, stressing the importance of having a partner that they can work well with. He goes on to state that the partners will be decided by the first person a student makes eye contact with after they land in the Emerald Forest. Since there will be opposition, he advises that the initiates do not hesitate to destroy everything in their path, as the possibility of dying is very real. They will also be discreetly evaluated for their performances during the initiation process, but the instructors will not intervene. The objective is to seek a relic, one per pair of partners, in a temple on the other end of the forest and guard it, along with their standings. They are then to return to the cliff that they are currently standing on with the relic. Jaune asks Ozpin a few questions, and he soon discovers that everyone will be catapulted and that they have to figure out how to land on their own. While he asks these questions, the initiation begins, with the students being launched one by one. By the time it's Jaune's turn, he is still asking questions, and he is launched into the air screaming, while his classmates easily glide through the air.

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