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"First Step, Pt. 2"
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Episode Summary: An overhead view of the Emerald Forest is shown with a large black bird flying high above the trees, before Ruby slams into it. The focus changes to the initiates as they each use their landing strategy, with the exception of Jaune who continues to fall wildly. Ruby is the first to land, using the recoil from Crescent Rose to slow herself before using the blade to spin around a branch and land. Weiss uses glyphs as platforms. Ren uses the blades of StormFlower to latch onto a tree trunk and spiral down the tree until hitting the ground and brushing himself off. A moment later, Yang flies overhead, using Ember Celica to propel her forward, thoroughly enjoying the flight. Pyrrha uses Akoúo̱ to safely crash through three trees before landing on a branch. She then switches Miló to its rifle form and scans the area for Jaune, before transforming Miló into its javelin form and launching it at him to pin him to a tree. Meanwhile, Ruby lands on the ground with a thud and begins running through the forest, desperately hoping to find Yang while contemplating other partners based on the people she knows. At first she thinks about Jaune, who is nice and funny, but probably useless in battle. She then considers Blake, based on their love of books and because she is calm and mysterious, but she fears that she wouldn't be able to hold a conversation. While trying to think of who else she knows, she runs into Weiss, making them both partners. Weiss, however, rejects Ruby at first and walks off, running into Jaune, who is trying to unpin himself from the trunk of a tree. Seeing no other option, Weiss returns to Ruby, much to Ruby's delight. Shortly after, Pyrrha arrives to see Jaune hanging from the tree and asks if he has any more spots on his team. While Weiss wishes to not waste any time in completing their mission, Ruby is eager to create a friendship with her and shows off her speed to convince Weiss that she would be a good teammate and isn't useless. Weiss herself is surprised by Ruby's speed, wondering how she got to one spot so quickly. As Ruby runs off in excitement, Weiss is left alone. At first, Weiss maintains her annoyed attitude, but she quickly becomes nervous as she hears rustling in the bushes around her. She calls Ruby's name, and a low growl is heard, turning Weiss' nervousness into fear. She soon notices multiple pairs of glowing red eyes around her, and when a Beowolf comes out into the open, she calls out to Ruby.

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  1. Jon Garcia

    Aug 15th, 2013

    WTF! I understand that they all landed in an awesome fashion, but SERIOUSLY! they could have at least showed Weiss kill one enemy!

  2. Joseph

    Aug 16th, 2013

    These are awesome, but so god damn short.

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    Aug 16th, 2013

    Why so short…….

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    i want longer episodes XDD

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    Birdie NOOO…
    Fav part so far in series…lol

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