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"The Emerald Forest, Pt.2"
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Episode Summary: At Beacon Cliffs, Glynda informs Professor Ozpin that the last pair, Ren and Nora, has been formed. Glynda mentions that she can't really see them getting along very well, but she supposes that they're better off than Pyrrha. Although Jaune came with an impressive transcript, she doubts his suitability towards combat. Glynda notes that at their current pace, all the remaining students should reach the temple in a few minutes. She then asks Ozpin what he used as relics this year, but he is absorbed in watching Weiss and Ruby on his Scroll. Ruby and Weiss are quite effectively lost, mostly because of their relying on Weiss for directions. The two soon get into an argument, Ruby claiming that Weiss is a know-it-all and thinks she's perfect, to which Weiss retorts that she's not perfect yet, but is still better than Ruby. As Weiss walks away, Ruby remarks sadly that Weiss doesn't even know her. Meanwhile, Yang and Blake have reached the temple, and observe that their goal appears to be chess pieces. Yang notes that quite a few are missing, meaning that they are not the first to get there. Elsewhere, Jaune and Pyrrha have found a cave that Jaune believes to be the temple. Despite Pyrrha's doubt, they keep going until Jaune falls down and his torch is extinguished. Back at the temple, Yang proposes she and Blake take the "cute little pony" chess piece and head back. In the cave, Jaune finds a glowing object and mistakes it for a relic. When he grabs onto it, Jaune discovers that it is in fact the stinger of a Death Stalker, a large scorpion-like Grimm. Yang hears Jaune's feminine scream and states that "some girl" is in trouble, but Blake seems to be watching something in the sky. The Death Stalker chases Pyrrha out of its cave with Jaune clinging to its stinger, crying to Pyrrha that it's not the relic. The Grimm then flings Jaune through the air, and Pyrrha runs away. At the temple, Yang is trying to get Blake's attention when she notices that Blake is looking at Ruby, who is falling from the sky.

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