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"The Badge and The Burden"
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Episode Summary: The morning after their initiation, Weiss wakes up to Ruby blowing a whistle in her ear and finds the others are already dressed in the academy uniforms. Ruby declares as leader that the team's first order of business is to decorate and, as Blake suggests, clean their dorm. Each of them arrange their belongings in the room, doing things such as hanging posters and paintings and storing books. Ruby accidentally slashes a curtain with Crescent Rose that they then mend. Soon, they realize that the beds cannot really fit side-by-side in the room with all their stuff. Ruby then proposes a solution: the beds should be redesigned as bunk beds. All except Weiss are in favor of the proposal, outvoting her in the decision. Ruby then states their next order of business is class, prompting Weiss to realize that class is already about to start. They then rush out of the room to their first class, with Team JNPR seeing them leave from across the hall and also realizing they need to get to class. Glynda and Ozpin watch the two teams rushing through the campus. In one of their classes, Team RWBY is in lectured by the mustachioed, long-winded Professor Peter Port. He lectures about the purpose of the class, how Vale and the other 3 kingdoms provide safe havens from the Grimm, and the purpose of being a Huntsman/Huntress. He then tells a long, self-absorbed and purposeless story about himself and his experience capturing a live Beowolf as a boy. During this story, Weiss becomes infuriated as she notices Ruby's inattentive, disrespectful, and rude behavior, including doodling a picture of "Professor Poop," balancing all her school materials, and picking her nose. As Port asks the class who possesses the traits required of being a Huntsman/Huntress, Weiss raises her hand and proclaims that she does. However, in order to prove this, Peter Port tells her that she must step forward to fight a Grimm that he has locked in a cage, as a test.

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