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"Awakening of the Stone"
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Episode Summary: Alma looks out his window to see a shipwreck, it is then that the power within him awakens. A young girl, her attendant and a mask of sorts go to search the shipwreck. At school Alma has a bad reputation with many fearing him due to rumors that he is a delinquent. As he enters the class only one person greets him, a girl named Wakana. On his way home Tandoji Alma stops by the river to look for rocks when Wakana sees him. The next day against her friends wishes, Wakana invites him to a rock show that their club is going to. Tandoji refuses but Wakana tells him that she will wait for him at the bus stop. The young girl, Ruri Aiba and her attendant Kagami go to visit Alma that night to ask for his help. The girl explains that the shipwreck was due to monsters called Darkstones and that he would be of great help in fighting them but he refuses, Kagami recalls a point in his history where he released the power within him. Three years ago he went berserk and wounded 18 students and is currently on probation. In a fit of anger he releases his power and the two retreat. Part of the town is cleared out, but as promised Wakana remains at the bus stop; thinking about this Tandoji rushes to her only to see her get wounded by a Darkstone. He then unleashes his power and goes berserk, turning into a Darkstone; seeing this Ruri stops him and uses her gemstone to unlock his true potential. He battles the enemy Darkstone with help from Ruri's mask named Onigawara. The next day at school Alma joins the club only to find out that Ruri and Kagami have joined that club and moved into his school.

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