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"With All My Heart"
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Episode Summary: Confused as to whose side tells the truth, Ruri and Alma reflects on how they've become ignorant with what's really happening. Kagami visits an old acquaintance to look for further evidence concerning Kenmi's research facility, he was advised about the danger of trying to investigate Kenmi as he can eliminate them if they tried to get into his way. Ruri visits Alma in his house and asked him to form a contract but Alma rejects it, Seeing the relationship between the two in turmoil, A partially fixed Hellbrick asked the two to go to kamakura to retrieve a stone needed to completely fix him or he will die within 3 days but for the stone to glow Ruri and Alma must join hands. The two went to a ramen shop and conflict arises when Ruri becomes frustrated of Alma's carefree attitude, Ruri finally manages to tell Alma her worries which later cools down the tension. Alma proceeds to take Ruri to his hometown where he used to live with his mother and has told her the pain he endured as a result of having his powers, Ruri told him their prior meeting when they were young after Alma saved her from a falling construction material on their school which he no longer remember. With the stone still not glowing, The two spent their time on the beach and then went back to Ruri's Mansion only to find out that hellbrick has already been fixed and that the date was just set to improve their relationship.

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