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"A Moon Star Is Born"
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Episode Summary: Underachieving schoolgirl Usagi Tsukino saves a cat from being attacked by a group of boys while on her way to school. After school, she and her friend Naru Osaka visit a local jewelry store owned by her mother. On her way home, Usagi encounters Mamoru Chiba and meets up with Motoki Furuhata. Upon returning to her home, Naru's mother reveals herself to be the youma Morga and captures her. The cat Usagi encountered earlier reveals herself as Luna and tells Usagi to search for the princess and destroy evil. Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon and, after hearing Naru in distress, confronts Morga, who intends to steal human energy by using the cursed jewelry on the girls. The youma tricks the brainwashed girls into attacking Usagi but a stranger wearing a tuxedo intervenes. Usagi weakens Morga with her screams, allowing her to use the Moon Tiara Action technique on Morga, killing her and restoring the girls to normal. Before departing, the stranger reveals himself to be Tuxedo Mask.

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