Saint Seiya Omega Episode 26 English Subbed

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"Reminiscences and Revenge! The Trap of the Ruins of Darkness!"

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Episode Summary: Souma and Sonya are entrapped on an illusion remiscent of their past on the time Southern Cross Kazuma was alive. Sonya is revealed to been ordered by Medea to kill the Silver Saint for he was an open leader against the Martians. Hesitant on her mission she departs and faces Kazuma, as Souma also witnesses the past event. Sonya is first easily pushed away by Kazuma who tells her that her fists are made to protect those she care for, then when she thinks of her family Sonya bursts into a rage and stabs Kazuma from the back. It is revealed then that after the murder, she was mentally tormented at the atrocity. Sonya seeing her own hesitation then sees her own darkness as Mars appears and deems her unworthy of being at his side. Souma then appears and saves Sonya from the illusion as he wants to settle things himself. After defeating the darkness the two reach the Core of Darkness. Eden, Aria and Kouga all face their respective darkness. Kouga's darkness reveals the true nature of his Cosmo to be darkness.

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