Saint Seiya Omega Episode 32 English Subbed

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"The True Terror! The Unearthly Atmosphere of Cancer!"

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Episode Summary: Aquila Yuna arrives to the Cancer Temple, and she is greeted by the deathly atmosphere of the gates of Praesepe. The guardian of the Temple, Cancer Schiller, engages her in battle, reminiscing about his past and motives for his allegiance to Mars. Aiming for Yuna's defeat, Schiller tries to break her morale by toying with her psyche, having Yuna fight her deceased friends Arné and Komachi. Meanwhile, Koga continues his battle with Harbinger. After another clash between the two Saints' greatest techniques, Koga heads towards the exit. Admiring his determination, Harbinger lets Koga go. Back at the Cancer Temple, to avoid fighting her friends, Yuna tries to attack Schiller directly. However, she is hit by Schiller's ultimate move which sends Yuna to a dark and barren land.

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