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"The Tournament Begins"
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Episode Summary: After arriving at the tournament area, Saki gets separated from her friends; and the current national junior high school champion, Nodoka, is hounded by reporters. On the other hand, Saki crosses paths with the members of Ryūmonbuchi (minus Koromo). As they pass each other, the Ryūmonbuchi team senses a familiar aura flowing from Saki, an aura similar to that of Koromo. They initially mistake her for Nodoka, until Tōka indicates otherwise. A couple more steps and Saki suddenly trips, and Jun muses that there is no way another mahjong player of Koromo's level could possibly exist. After Saki rejoins the group, Hisa reveals the player order: Yūki, Mako, herself, Nodoka, and Saki. Competition begins with Kiyosumi initially underestimated, Yūki wins many hands and dominates. Afterwards, Mako and Hisa also make quick work of their opponents, ending with a commanding lead. For Nodoka's round, she draws the attention of a large audience.

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