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Episode Summary: Kuro takes Shizuno and Ako to meet her older sister, Yū, who becomes the fourth mahjong club member. The next day, Kuro asks her classmate, Arata Sagimori, a fan of Harue during her prime, and she joins as the fifth member. During the winter, Harue's company mahjong team had become defunct, leaving Harue downhearted. As she visits Achiga for some nostalgia, she is surprised to find Shizuno and the others playing. Wanting to experience the inter-high nationals once more, Harue decides to become the club's advisor and coach. With the mahjong club officially reformed, the girls begin training for the prefectural preliminaries. Later in the evening, Ako encounters some of her former classmates who went on to attend prefectural rival Bansei High.

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  1. TheFoolyOne

    Jan 14th, 2014

    wth what happen to the other girls from the first season so sad

  2. Suitai

    Mar 31st, 2014

    yay i´m just happy this finally started

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