Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 3 English Subbed

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"So Close, So Far..."

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Episode Summary: Sorata turns Mashiro down when she asks him to do something with her on Sunday, so she ends up asking Jin. Misaki tells Sorata that they were planning on going to a love hotel, which prompts them to follow them around on what appears to be a date. While at the mall, Sorata and Misaki run into Nanami working another part time job. Later, they see Mashiro and Jin arrive at the love hotel, but Sorata intervenes and as he tries to punch Jin gets punched himself, which knocks him out. Sorata awakens in the love hotel with Mashiro, and upon calling Jin learns that he knew they were following him and Mashiro around. Sorata sleeps on the floor and the following morning apologizes for not understanding what was going on, but Mashiro interrupts him, asking if he is leaving Sakura Dormitory.

6 Responses to “Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 3”

  1. Yuuji

    Oct 24th, 2012

    “If i see her depressed, I’ll want to f*ck her silly.” Well that is one way to think about it, eh?

  2. Sugoisan

    Oct 24th, 2012

    lol, he killed the mood with that line, he also simotaniosly made me loose all respect for him. It was a classic 1 2 punch, what you call killing 2 birds with one stone.

  3. Sugoisan

    Oct 24th, 2012

    I really liked this episode, It was filled with drama and emotion. Up until Jin-san blurted that killer line. I like the slice of life feel and the quiet atmosphere(whenever he is not yelling)

  4. ahmedhaziq

    Mar 13th, 2013

    Love it

  5. phantom

    Apr 20th, 2013

    love it

  6. CFantom

    Apr 20th, 2013

    how does Dlink work?

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