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"A World Changing Colors"
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Episode Summary: Sorata tells Mashiro that he is planning to leave, which upsets her. That night, the residents of Sakura Dormitory celebrate Tanabata with some children. After it is interrupted by rain, Mashiro gets news that she has lost the competition, and when Sorata tries to comfort her, he says something unintentional and runs out into the rain where he is consoled by Jin, who admits that he sometimes wants Misaki to fail so that she will not seem so far above him. Sorata admits he felt the same about the manga competition. The next day, when Sorata and Nanami are searching for cat owners, a woman shows up in a car and tells Sorata to get in. The woman tells him that Mashiro lost the competition because she ended the manga poorly by having one of the main characters leave. Sorata goes back to the dormitory and confesses his dream to create video games through the door to Mashrio, but finds her asleep. He notices that she had changed the ending to one where the character stays, then he gets a call informing him that Mashiro's manga would be published if she changed the ending. When Mashiro wakes up, he tells her the news and she tells him to start calling her Mashiro rather than Shiina. After Jin and Misaki reveal that they heard the whole thing go down, an embarrassed Sorata declares that he wants to stay at Sakura Dormitory.

4 Responses to “Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 4”

  1. Sugoisan

    Oct 31st, 2012

    This is one of the best anime’s of this season

  2. Cornerer

    Oct 31st, 2012

    i wish they could’ve put in more dialogues from the novel … still a great anime though

  3. Syakitsune


    Mar 11th, 2013

    Nice episode

  4. Jamma

    Mar 20th, 2013

    Is it me Or is jin a ninja, he pretty much can appear out of no where and at that scene where the girl was walking up the stairs, how can he be right next to her that fast, unnoticed?

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