Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 5 English Subbed

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"The Serious Girl of Sakura Dormitory"

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Episode Summary: Mashiro is doing very poorly in classes and Sorata tries to help her study for makeup exams, but she turns out to have an excellent memory and very quickly memorizes the practice tests. The following morning, after Mashiro aces her tests, she and Sorata run into an overworked Nanami and learn that she works so many jobs because her parents will not pay for her voice acting dreams. Sorata suggests that she move into the cheaper Sakura Dormitory and Nanami agrees. After arriving at Sakura, Nanami insists that she be the one to take care of Mashiro and encounters a lot of troubles when she tries to do so. Sorata takes advantage of the extra time to work on a game to submit to a competition, but after asking Ryūnosuke's opinion on his work, discovers that he has a long way to go. That night, Sorata leaves his room to find Nanami asleep at a table and gets into an argument about how she works too much.

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    Looks like he really has to choose a route xD

    Too bad, both chicks are really adorable..

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