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"Final Battle at the Enemy Base!"
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Episode Summary: Having captured both Mari and Moe, Torture brutally tortures Moe, who expresses her desire to take Mari's place in order to save her. Torture in turn releases Moe, stating to Mari that she herself never really cared for her. Masayoshi eventually arrives and confronts Torture, who explains how he was a boy who enjoyed superhero stories but once realizing that the heroes he idolized never attain the true peace they fight for, he decided to turn to evil instead. When Torture corners Masayoshi, he is impaled after Hidenori arrives on the scene. Torture then reveals his master plan, in which he plans to launch a rocket that will release particles that will combine with particles left behind by the defeated monsters and create a giant monster. However, Hidenori manages to stop the rocket from launching whilst Masayoshi defeats Torture. After defeating the villain and stopping his master plan with Hidenori's help, Masayoshi reveals his secret identity to the world.

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    sumi ishihara is MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this anime is one of the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Dec 13th, 2013

    Who/what will be the next villian/s?

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