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"From Beyond"
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Episode Summary: Just as the press question Masayoshi about his identity, a mysterious floating island rises from the Tokyo Bay. Joji reveals to Masayoshi that this is the work of From Beyond, an alien organisation that provided Torture with the power to make monsters. To this end, Joji has been assembling a team known as the Flamengers, planning on recruiting Masayoshi as their leader. Upon reaching their secret base, however, they discover it has been infiltrated by a toxic commander from From Beyond named Ugly Toxic Poison. Joji assembles four more Flamengers, who are all confused over being allegedly recruited as Red Rangers, asking them to sort amongst themselves who gets to be leader whilst he goes to confront Poison. After Joji's noble 'sacrifice', the group decide to let Masayoshi be the leader and confront Poison, who soon grows to enormous size but is defeated by the Flamengers' Flamen Robo.

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  1. july

    Dec 19th, 2013


  2. olympus

    Dec 20th, 2013

    This anime just keeps ???!!!!!!-o-O

  3. crnr


    Apr 1st, 2014

    the hell ??? how can it escalate even more ???? I shouldn’t have asked
    now it turned into a full blown power ranger show XD
    now it turned into voltes V ????? the hell ????
    and it really did escalate more -_-”

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