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"The Destruction of Japan"
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Episode Summary: Just as Masayoshi makes his announcement, members from From Beyond call all the cellphones in the area, stating they will attack the next morning. After the prime minister declares a state of emergency, Masayoshi is picked up by Sumi and Akira, who had learned of the government's plans. Feeling responsible, Masayoshi makes his own broadcast to encourage the panicked citizens to be heroes in their own way, allowing them to reach shelters without hassle. The next morning, Hidenori brings Moe and Mizuki to his apartment to talk things out with Mari before heading to his post. As From Beyond's attack begins, they bring forth a 'Destruction of Japan Device', which plots to drill into Mt. Fuji, causing it to erupt. Just as things look their worse, Joji returns, bringing with him various tokutatsu heroes to help the fight, encouraging the citizens to fight alongside them. Just as the Flamengers are about to take on the destruction device, Masayoshi receives a call from From Beyond's final member, Beyond Flamenco, who looks exactly like Masayoshi.

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    really do they really have to use alot of plot twist from Voltes V ????

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