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"The Ultimate Prime Minister"
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Episode Summary: Masayoshi escapes with Hidenori and Jun, who have been in contact with each other whilst he was in hiding, arriving at a secret base where Akira awaits, later joined by Mr. Justice. The next day, Masayoshi and Hidenori arrive at the Diet to stop Prime Minister Okuzaki from passing an anti-superhero bill. Okuzaki equips himself with a powerful mech suit, powered by support from the public, and starts attacking Masayoshi, overpowering all of his techniques. Whilst Mari and the others hold off Okuzaki's guards, Hidenori joins the fight but is also beaten. However, Akira manages to stream the action, and Okuzaki's plot, on television to the world, rapidly decreasing his support and weakening his suit, allowing Masayoshi and Hidenori to defeat him. However, it is soon revealed that Mr. Justice is actually an Alien Flamenco, whose race had replaced all the world's leaders, which Okuzaki was trying to put a stop to. Stepping outside, Masayoshi and the others are shocked to find a giant spaceship in the sky.

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  1. Dumbfounded

    Feb 13th, 2014

    Ok seriously just end the damn anime already! What kind of weed the people that make this smoke cause I may need some.

  2. olympus

    Feb 14th, 2014

    Just keeeeps getting weirdddd OMG

  3. crnr


    Apr 1st, 2014

    at this point I won’t be if they borrow more shit from other anime
    I mean I won’t be surprised if he turned into iron man or maybe he’s superman without him realising it for now >.<

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