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"Flamenco in Space"
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Episode Summary: A mysterious being calling himself a Flamencolian appears before Masayoshi and the others, wishing to speak to Masayoshi alone. Despite concerns that he might not make it back alive, Hidenori encourages Masayoshi to go into the Flamencolian's spaceship, where he explains he was the one responsible for King Torture and From Beyond's monsters, believing evolution is the key to universal peace. Unable to persuade him to join their cause, the Flamencolian grows in size to attack Masayoshi, who uses the Flamencolian's evolutionary device to grow in size too, becoming Space Final Flamenco, knocking the Flamencolian into an endless journey into deep space. Stranded on the moon following the battle, Masayoshi is greeted by a being calling itself the universe's will. He explains all of the enemies Masayoshi has faced came because he wished for them, giving him the choice of whether to continue fighting evil, or live on in peace. Masayoshi decides to return to his own world, choosing to keep being a hero not to fight enemies, but to do what is right. After getting to speak with the spirit of his grandfather and learning the somewhat uneventful meaning of "Flamenco", Masayoshi is sent back home where he meets up with Hidenori.

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  1. Dumbfounded

    Feb 27th, 2014

    Well that was short and nice, I guess they really heading to the magic number 25 episode.

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