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Episode Summary: As Rea climbs up a cliff edge to retrieve a plant for Chihiro to use in his resurrection formula, she recalls how she had always been restricted by her father, Dan'ichirō, who showed obsessive levels of love for her and kept her from making any friends. She finds a hydrangea plant to use in the formula, taking a small sample of it herself before feeding it to Bābu, though he doesn't appear to come back to life, prompting Chihiro to give up his experiments. As they part ways, Chihiro and his cousin, Ranko Saōji, discover that Bābu has indeed come to life while Rea, punished further by Dan'ichirō, decides to drink the formula she stole in the hopes of killing herself.

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    i love it !

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    he managed to do it awesome

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    This isn’t real but I still want to punch Rea’s father in the face a few dozen times.

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    that really great!!!!!!!

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    This is an awesome series.

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