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"Fighting an Enemy you Cannot See"

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Episode Summary: As the second year gets underway, Sasami ends up learning Jou's secret that she sometimes grows a penis on her body. Later, Jou announces a class trip to a shrine, but Sasami ends up catching a fever and is unable to go. Wanting to experience the trip for herself, Sasami uses a spell on Tama to have her assume her form so she can go in her place alongside Kagami and Tsurugi whilst Sasami observes what Tama does. When it comes time for everyone to have a bath, Sasami tries to get Tama to help Jou to avoid the others learning her secret, protecting her from Tsurugi's perverted advances. As Sasami states how she wants to become Jou's friend, she declines, saying she will one day have to kill her.

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