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"I'm Troubling Only My Parents"

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Episode Summary: Sasami believes to have seen her mother, Juju, walking through the streets, despite knowing it shouldn't be possible. The next day, Sasami encounters her again and decides to drag her along to go shopping with her. Despite having fun, Sasami inevitably brings up the matter of how Juju could possibly be here as she had already died of an illness. Juju reveals that she negotiated with the king of the underworld following her death to allow her to stay in the mortal world until her corpse rots as she disappointed to hear about Sasami leaving the shrine. Juju attempts to force Sasami back to the shrine to resume her training, believing Sasami to have wasted her life. Tsurugi and the Yagami sisters arrive to fight against Juju, but struggle against the powers the king of the underworld have granted her. Kagami is stabbed whilst Tsurugi is pushed through a gateway to the underworld. Not wanting Tama to get hurt as well, Sasami agrees to go with Juju back to the shrine.

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